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A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

Online Coaching with Kate

Balanced Hormones - Healthy Happy Life

Online Coaching with Kate


Meet Kate

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Certified Hormone Health Coach, Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach

Are you tired of endless diets and exhausting physical activities, that bring no joy and results? Sleep poorly, and your reflection in the mirror doesn’t excite you anymore. Do you dream to start a new life on Monday and stop eating junk food?

If you recognize yourself in these words, then you are not alone! Me, just like you, faced those difficulties, when you feel helpless and ready to give up. Based on my own experience, through ups and downs, I found what really works, that helped me get out of this vicious circle of my own health challenges. Regain vitality, confidence and harmony with myself and my body. You will learn more about in my story! 


Areas of my expertise

Set individual lifestyle and nutritional goals to balance your hormones 

Recommend a personalized meal plan based on the results of the initial assessment and your nutritional goals

Restore your ideal body weight based on your constitution (Vata, Pita, Kapha) and genetics

Rebuild and restore healthy digestive tract

Establish proper detoxification program to improve your mood and energy level

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.




Sofia I.

     I received more than expected. I came to the coaching sessions with Kate to lose weight and look great again. But received much  more! With Kate's support and knowledge I realized that I use food as a comforter in every stressful situation. Kate brought me awareness and now I can control these emotional eatings. 

     I'm insulin resistant and my doctor just prescribed me pills. Kate not just created for me a nutritional plan but gave me valuable suggestions about additional testing and supplements.

     I see the results: I've lost 10 pounds, became more energetic, confident, mindful about my nutrition and lifestyle!


Elena R., MD

     I am very grateful to Kate for the work she is been doing. You deserve high appraisal! You can explain easily complex aspects of healthy lifestyle. I am as MD know my subject (I'm rheumatologist) but do not know all the nuances about nutrition, sleep, physical activity, etc. You step by step helped me understand  and analyze all the interconnected processes taking place in my body and transfer this knowledge to my family and my patients. 

     I'm sure that endocrinologists and dietitians know a lot but due to the lack of time and other factors they will not teach their patients how to change lifestyle and eating habits. It's easier to prescribe a drug...

     I believe that everybody is free to choose what life to live. I personally don't want to feed "big farma" but want to live healthy and longer. That's where Kate is assisting me with. Thank you!


Inessa P.

I've been working with Kate for 2 months already and lost 14 pounds and 1 size in closing. I'm 63 y.o. With Kate's guidance I've changed my way of eating. Kate helped me with grocery shoppings and cooking too. I will definitely continue working with Kate

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