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Meet Kate

Certified Hormonal Health Coach, 

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach 

     My name is Kate aka Ekaterina. The area of nutrition, balanced hormones and a healthy lifestyle has always been my passion. I have tried different diets throughout my life. Needless to say, none of them worked. 

     What brought me into the field of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition? Of course, the crisis. Personal and family. This crisis drained me completely, ruined my health, deprived of vitality, sleep and strength. 

     Overweight, disturbed sleep, hormonal imbalance, waterfall of hair, irritability, lack of energy and desire to change something in my life - this is only part of the problems that I faced. At some point, I realized that if I didn't start taking active steps to get out of such a pique, I would soon find myself on a hospital bed. And I started to look for ways out of this zombie state. He who seeks - always finds it! I went to one of the largest American institutes, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I received education in the field of healthy lifestyle and nutrition. That's how I became my first client! Here in the United States I got certified as a yoga teacher, study psychology, participate in various health summits. Details in “My education”.

     You know what I’ve realized: we cannot see a separate problem in a person. If something goes wrong, then the balance is disturbed throughout the whole body. And only an integrative approach will allow you to achieve positive and long-term results. That is why diets do not work or work only short term on a calorie restriction. Excess weight is a call to the body to pay attention to itself, to think about the root cause and start acting! Take small steps towards a big goal! Regain your beauty, harmonic body, improve quality of sleep and increase self-esteem and stress resistance, learn to hear and trust yourself! This approach really works!

     There is no magic pill, but if you are ready to change yourself for the better - I am your assistant and support in this journey! Let's start! 

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