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Who is a health coach

Remember how long did it take your last visit to the doctor? Have you discussed your eating habits, consistency with bowel movements,level of activity or your emotional state? Most probably, the answer is no! BUT, most serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer's are directly related to lifestyle and diet. This is what I can help you with!

Main goals and focus

     The main goal of a coach's work is to guide you in creating health goals  for yourself and provide overall support on the way to achieving them. In addition, the coach inspires and motivates to maintain life-time changes!

     Absolutely, you know a lot about proper nutrition, but this is not the only factor to consider. Physical activity, stress, sleep quality, and relationships are just a part of a healthy lifestyle that affect your overall well-being. And this list will be different for each person! And as a coach I have the time to find and apply an individual approach to each client.

     The coach does not diagnose or treat diseases, does not give any medical recommendations, does not prescribe medications. The coach focuses on a holistic approach to a person, not as a set of symptoms and diagnosis.


     My expertise and passion are hormones.  We will not focus on counting calories, calculating serving weights in milligrams, a sharp increase in physical activity.  We will combine the proper tools for you to form key behavioral choices and overcome psychological barriers in reaching your goals to create sustainable long-lasting results.

     The coaching process is our mutual work aimed at creating permanent, long-term habits and making you responsible for your own health. Everything is in your hands - and that is awesome!

     The key to success is to make your "transition to the new rails" as smooth as possible for you, then all the positive changes will remain not only today and tomorrow, but for the rest of your life!

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