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21-day DETOX program

We are exposed to toxins every single day. In fact, our body produces its free  radicals, known as endogenous toxins, simply by functioning. Then our body also encounters external (exogenous) toxins, or chemicals made outside of your body. 



Toxins come in many different forms: 

  • pesticides (glyphosate)

  • heavy metals (arsenium, lead, mercury, aluminium)  and plastics

  • viruses and bacterias

  • air and water pollutant

  • sigarette smoke

  • preservatives and additives

  • certain household cleaning products

  • certain personal care products


         Both chemicals and organisms put an immense amount of stress on daily basis to our body and can cause a major disease.

         Human body comes equipped with natural processes to eliminate waste and toxins we encounter with the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink the environment we live in!

Human liver and gastrointestinal (GI) tract are the major organs responsible for detox. So balancing your gut and supporting your liver nutritionally are essential.


Symptoms of toxicity may vary but generaly they can be classified as:


  • Digestive symptoms: bloating and gas after eating, foul-smelling stools, diarrhea and/or constipation, bad taste in mouth, acid reflux and heartburn, IBS 

  • Allergies, stuffy nose, coughing

  • Rashes, itching, hives

  • Headaches, fatigue, weakness, muscle and/or joint aches and pains

  • Brain fog, poor concentration, irritability, depression, mood swings

  • Sensitivities to chemicals, foods, drugs

(Please see my symptom questionnaireattached)


I will guide you and assist you in every step staring from shopping, do’s and don’t’s, how to cook easily and quickly, and the main pitfalls people encounter during quick detox and diets (which we know do not work!) and prevent you from falling into. This program will help you navigate through this process and achieve optimal results for your best health and best you!

         The length of the program depends on the results of your toxicity questionnaire.




21-days plan

  • 3 sessions (50 minutes) weekly

  • 225 $ when paid in full

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