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28-day Hormone balance program

Woman body is a symphony! Female hormones are one of the most major instruments in it. Our mood, energy level, sleep, choices we make with regards to food and lifestyle depend how balanced our hormones are. 


There are several phases to a normal cycle starting from the first day of the menstruation. 


Initial phase is an estrogen dominant phase and it lasts for approximately 10 days. In following phase luteinizing hormones come into play to trigger ovulation. This middle phase lasts for 5 days approximately. This is the period when all female sex hormones are balanced. At the end of this phase, the follicle bursts and an egg is released, ready to be fertilized.

The last phase is characterized by progesterone dominance.  The week before your menstruationbegins again progesterone decreases and estrogen is also low.  


Premenstrual syndromeis not a normal state of female menstrual cycle and can be reversed with appropriate approach. 


But the good news is that it can be accomplished by very specific nutritional and exercise protocol.  


That’s why I designed this program to lead you though these hormonal changes smoothly. I will guide you and assist you in every step as I totally understand complexity and challenges being a woman. We will concentrate on what food to eat in particular cycle phase, what exercise and lifestyle strategies to implement during those phases for you to feel vibrant throughout the cycle again! 

28-days plan

  • 4 sessions (50 minutes) weekly

  • 320 $ when paid in full

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